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Well, I would say that looking at electricity pricing on an instantaneous basis is like looking at the fuel injection system of your car on an instantaneous basis, or the contents of some register in your computer. It's almost meaningless unless you take into account all of the surrounding context.

So there are two things that need to be changed here. First off, consumer pricing needs to have an option to engage in the instantaneous marketplace. I want my refrigerator motor to know the price of electricity before it decides to turn on. And my car battery charger, lights, and everything else.

Second, the rates and regulations need to support net metering, so my PV cells or car battery or private windmill can feed into the grid when it is to my advantage.

The current system is unfair because the consumer is saddled with a fixed price while the industrial consumers and the suppliers can optimize their use and production in a marketplace.

by asdf on Mon Oct 7th, 2013 at 08:19:11 PM EST

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