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Northern coast, mostly (the Adriatic coast of Germany) : Velebit and northern Dalmatia.
We arrived through Austria and Slovenia near Rijeka, and visited a couple of islands of the north : Krk (where I managed to leave our passports behind) then Rab, which we liked very much :

Island-hopping :

Then Zadar, which had this interesting solar installation. We didn't stay until night, when it lights up...

The same artist, Nikola Bašić, also created the "sea organ" : the waves create sighing bass notes. Nice place to swim, too.

We headed inland to Obrovac in the southern Velebit. We got off the road to sleep, thinking we were far from anyone, but were woken by the jingling bells of a flock of sheep and the presumably caustic remarks of the shepherdess...

There was a monastery marked on the map called Krupa, so we went to have a look. It was obviously a feast day...

I had foolishly presumed that it was a Catholic institution, this being Croatia, but...

In Obrovac and surrounding villages, there were a high proportion of historically recent ruins.

Split was simply splendid:

In the foreground, a recreation of Diocletian's original palace/fortress, which comprises the centre of the city.

Our next stop-off was a worthy site of pilgrimage for renewable-energy freaks : the Krka national park, best visited by boat from Skradin :

is the site of the world's second AC hydro power station, which went into operation in 1895, two days after Niagara. Both were, of course, based on the work of local boy Nikola Tesla.

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