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Thank you for sharing...
This brings so many memories because for decades starting from my childhood toward the days of wars, we have spent almost every single summer on this coast(and mostly on Croatian coast all tho Montenegro coast is as beautiful as this one).
Croatians (and who can blame them) always preferred Germans as guests then us Serbs , because when it comes to accommodation it was different price for them then for us at the time and of course Germans had much more money to spend then us. That's why at some point when it became affordable for us ( prior to wars) we Serbs started to go to Greece. Greeks on the other hand were really , really friendly to us.Also we used this holiday as a shopping tour too so Greeks (especially northern) loved it because business was good too.
Yeah and those cities there in Croatia (Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar etc.) really have touch of history and that makes them even more interesting.
Last time I visited Belgrade I saw big billboard with add for summer holidays in Croatia. Writing was : " Come and (have a) holiday where your parents used to (have a holiday) holiday". Holiday being a verb in Serbian. Some joker changed the verb holiday to another verb which rimes with holiday and means "fought war". So it was " Come and have a holiday where your parents fought war". Everything become joke with time except for those who lost their lives or their loved ones...
I would like to see Dubrovnik one more time ( my daughter visited it few years ago) but my husband wouldn't step in Croatia ever again so I doubt we will visit ever...Who can blame him...he lost quite a few members of his larger family in these wars...  

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