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Yes...but I am thinking...is it actually really good to know too much about our ancestors, ha-ha ;)
Honestly what they never told us maybe shouldn't be told at all...I don't know.
As I am getting older I am curious to know more about them and I am even writing a sort of novel for my grandchildren so they may know more once. Obviously it is easier to write about others and especially about those that are not present any more, ha-ha.
My aunty that was last one in my immediate family (on my mother's side) who could tell us more, just died...I am planning to do more serous research  if I ever go back to Serbia to spend more time...seems like there are a lot of secrets that no one was willing to tell...especially details...
During my visit to my grand grandmother's (on my father's side) ruined home and non-existing village (photo here) I found some relatives in nearby town that I never knew existed...and they showed me a photo of my late grand grandfather. I saw his face for the first time in my life. Where the hell they found photographer in this part of the country and this God forgotten village a hundred years ago is above me...
It is all so sentimental...and interesting...
There is a program on TV here where kind of celebrities are searching for their family history, with a help obviously for the purpose of this program. It goes back to Europe because that's where most of them came from (a lot of them as convicts so some are really surprised with who their ancestors were actually). They are searching archives, historians are helping too. Very interesting stuff...    

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by vbo on Sun Oct 13th, 2013 at 09:25:30 AM EST
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