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Our apartment is unfortunately just outside your first photo. But thanks anyway: we saw this same river curve from the balcony (only from the opposite direction).

When we lived there, I was a small child. We lived on the top floor, and I used to throw toys down the balcony... don't remember why. I loved the river (the Zrmanja), which was used by medium-size ships and which runs in a canyon both before and after the town. One of my very first memories is a family trip upriver by inflatable boat(!).

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by DoDo on Tue Oct 22nd, 2013 at 04:56:38 PM EST
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Well, we were in the area in order to go down the river in an inflatable boat... with a rafting outfit that runs two-seater pneumatic canoes in summer when the water is lower. The four-hour trip involved a lot of paddling on flat water, but also a lot of white-water amusement, walking around one major waterfall, and shooting over another with about a four-meter drop.

No photos of course, but I really ought to dig up the email of a German guy who did the trip with us, his teenage son had a strap-on adventure video camera which I would like to get the results from.

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by eurogreen on Mon Oct 28th, 2013 at 07:01:39 AM EST
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