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I have just seen "new faces of poverty in France" on 24 France program ( in English) and I is really sad. I mean one can find very similar examples everywhere ( here in Australia too for sure) but I was under impression that European social security is much more appropriate then anywhere else. It seems like I was wrong. A lot of homeless young people, lot of single mothers not being able to afford even roof for their kids, people with disabilities eating from food banks...even working people stretched to the edge...  
Pension ( if you live long enough to get it) is about 600 Euros a month...and how the hell one can survive with it in France ( let alone Paris)? Here in Australia single pensioner would receive 1165 Euros a month plus other benefits like almost free medicine/drugs, paying less electricity bills , rates bill . water bill, car registration etc. And it is still hard to live on it especially because accommodation is horrendously expensive. Anyway with new conservative government in place we can soon say Goodbye to most of the benefits here...

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by vbo on Fri Nov 15th, 2013 at 12:45:29 AM EST

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