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I've some thoughts, though they are based on my preconceived notions on what is important for ET.

However, a little lower, askod succinctly voiced one of these:

So I would look at the sessions from the perspective of where to ask uncomfortable questions about the scope and relevance of a democratic discussion that misses that several memberstates (and effectively their representation in the Council) is put under the guardianship of EU federal institutions that has little to none public input.

My thoughts are that if ET, as unorganised organisation, eventually aspires for actual influence at the cogs and levers of EU institutions, it would be worthwhile to deepen understanding where and how to tweak existing levers or, at minimum, be able to formulate thoughts where leveraging influence would be most effective. If ET is interested in pursuing a watchkeeping function, focus could be put on a better understanding of the EU institutions and the existing entry points and routes of EU legislation.

Considering this conferences is centered around citizen initiatives, I'd think the optimum for this occasion lies in panel sessions 1, 4, 5.

If the point is to exploit the occasion and swing pointy questions aimed at EU representatives (which they can then ignore) any panel should suffice, though 1,3, 6 offer interesting targets.

by Bjinse on Mon Nov 25th, 2013 at 04:34:45 AM EST
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