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Eurointelligence Daily Morning Newsbriefing: Scalfari warns about the rise of Berlusconi and Grillo (11.02.2013)
Eugenio Scalfari, one of Italy's most respected political commentators, says an election upset in Italy is possible; he said Silvio Berlusconi and Beppo Grillo are gaining support among people fed up with the policy of austerity; sees no chance of pre-election alliance between the two, but the possibility of a re-grouping of the right post-election; the polls push Pier Luigi Bersani into an alliance with Mario Monti as the right solidifies its poll ratings;  Silvio Berlusconi has his €50bn stimulus would lead to increase in economic growth by 0.5%; Ignazio Visco has called for more powers for the Bank of Italy to interfere with reckless banks and their managers; BoI confirms that only Monte dei Paschi has received special support from the BoI; Lucrezia Reichlin writes that the bailout for MPS only delays the inevitable nationalisation; the FT has the story that a bail-in of insured depositors is among one of three options by the eurogroup for Cyprus;  Annette Schavan, Merkel's science minister, resigns in a blow to the chancellor; an EU draft law wants to force banks to participate in Euribor panel; Spain's opposition leaders gave a strong anti-austerity message, and warns that euroscepticism is rising in Spain; an eleven-day garbage collection strike ends in Seville after workers accept a pay cut; Mariano Rajoy publishes his tax declaration in the attempt to persuade that he is clean; the strategy of the Spanish government is now to deflect from the scandal by pointing out that it pales in significance to what has been happening elsewhere; there were large demonstrations in Slovenia after it became known that the country's PM failed to declare income;  the Greek government offers people a laxer schedule to pay overdue taxes; Antonis Samaras got a relatively good deal out of the EU budget negotiations; government also proposes legislation to force union to cast members' ballots before calling a strike; Irish central bank governor criticises banks for failing to deal with mortgage crisis; Ireland's opposition Fianna Fail has staged a miraculous recovery in the opinion polls; Wolfgang Munchau welcomes the deal on Ireland's promissory notes, but says there should be no mistake that this is monetary financing; Le Monde says Mario Draghi has been a lot more effective in talking down the euro's exchange rate than Francois Hollande; the French president, meanwhile, declares that the trouble with the European Union is that other people are involved in decision-making.

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