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visionary and inspiring, good diary.

i think if we have the patience to attend the Great Unwinding, the rewards will be many and great.

what we see now daily is the end of an Era of Ignorance.

the control of Big Energy right now is in the hands of proven sociopaths, and we have studiously avoided righting the great wrongs the Industrial Age has wrought on our habitat, notwithstanding our knowledge, indeed we are expanding the insult. apparently clean energy sources are still less than 1% compared to fossil fuels (citation needed), and yet those too powerless to do anything significant have known the agony of loving a planet, inhabited by greedy and gullible fools for the most part.

their system, so lovingly cosseted and trumpeted as the sine qua non of civilisation even as millions groaned under its whip to provide luxury for the selected few, selected not for compassion flexibility or even intelligence, but for rapacious, genocidal-if-necessary cunning.... it's doomed.

every stupid choice we have ever personally made since we could make our own choices has contributed to the tsunami of stupid that is now leveling peoples' lives, we are somewhat complicit, and that knowledge can hold us back instead of spurring us to help the great atonement we need to make to mother earth.

we wanted this.... and it's way past late to affirm something better worth dying for, because the way things are going, a happy retirement of pleasure and relaxation is not what's waiting for many many people, and there are hordes of european and american folks convinced they/we have a right to live better than the chinese, as if history justified it in some way, like it was written in stone, just because we had bigger guns when the country lines were drawn.

these old rationales for exceptionalism are stamped deep into our collective psyches, and do not uproot easily.

the neolib thrust to commidify the very air we breathe until the air is no longer breathable is a wound, a trauma embedded deeply into the acquiescence we have inherited, along with the indoor toilets, i-gizmos and celebrity worship that make us feel cooler and sexier than our ancestors, who died like flies in childbirth or early youth, leaving only the toughest to breed, (and the craftiest to rule).

this learned helplessness has rendered most people relatively mindless, and easily engineered into believing black is white and up is down.

just fill them with mystery meat and enough brain-dulling drugs, they will be the docile cattle needed to go through the motions of a life, meaning and purpose supplied by sports fandom and status markers.

as a species we are at the stage of a 2 year old boy, playing with his dick with a stupefied expression on his face, unfortunately this same capricious, self-absorbed child has figured out how to lay waste to whole biospheres with the click of a mouse.

one has to wonder whether this child will ever grow up and  get a clue...

after pondering this magnificent tragedy as consciously as possible for many decades now, what stares out at me as the only non-violent way forward has been to seek lives of meaning that required the minimum inconvenience for the environment,  i envied those tribes who still drew all their sustenance from their habitats, leaving them for hundreds of generations in fine form for their descendants... they seemed models of karmic purity, they didn't grow up listening to commercials telling a million lies, infected by the ruthless, cruel logic of 'the markets', bending their brain cells into new cognitive dwarfisms as they slowly, inevitably acknowledged at core level that their existence depended on the the game of 'fuck the planet for profit' continuing, through sheer info-osmosis.

it's the energy. stupid!  the shortest way from A. (present misery) to B. (the society of carers Chris depicts).

knowledge is sadly not power, it just acts as a necessary immunity-booster to the culture of bullshit jammed down our mediated throats.... a badly needed prophylactic.

the approach to value Chris's diaries offer is hard to conceive, yet i don't think it would be that hard to explain to a kalahari bushman, as his mind has less blocks to understanding, less axioms to exhume... if any!

energy is worth something intrinsically, it's not just a symbol. it's value is unequivocal, you either have enough or you need a top-up.

societies that confuse symbols for reality cannot be trusted to find their way to somewhere good, as we all can see unfold.

the question that remains is will the titans duke it out (watch out for flying debris) till there are none left standing and the shire folk can take over and do it right, or will enough people dying in public from 'unfortunate financial events' finally shame enough people into learning something from history before repeating the worst of it, with newer, more toxic toys?

in this day and age it is a shame, therefor shameful, to remain ignorant, it's like we are swimming in reality and still believing what the suits on the screen say is happening over the evidence.

it is the supreme subversion, to envisage a better world of love instead of hate, and i heartily applaud Chris' efforts to make it happen. his channeling Pirsig is a nice extra...

thanks for keeping the faith Chris and good luck on your mission to re-explain the forces of cause and effect in a wiser way than we have become used to.

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Sat Feb 16th, 2013 at 03:29:11 PM EST

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