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Here is the story from the neverending line of sickening scandals in Hungary, one on the margins to the main theme of the last few months, the battle of university students against government plans of extreme austerity (but please don't call it by name).

Since 1990, student self-government at Hungarian universities has an institutionalised form, but this official student organisation became an opaque realm of cliques perpetuating themselves with little transparency, building questionable political ties and hoarding state subsidies.

This week, a website published excel files kept by the student organisation of the main university for the humanities in Budapest about new students enrolled in 2008 and 2009. In addition to personal data, an additional column included confidential remarks characterising each student – in terms of suspected political persuasion, race and (in case of girls) sexual morals. That from a clearly anti-liberal, anti-semitic, chauvinist and male chauvinist viewpoint. The viewpoint came as no surprise for those familiar with this student organisation: it was known as one of the 'cadre schools' of far-right party Jobbik. (In my ET diaries and comments on Jobbik, I also kept emphasizing that this party is not the usual far-right party but a post-modern formation with university student roots, albeit with main roots at the university of engineering.)

The current leader of the student organisation (also Jobbik-aligned) claims of course that the extra column in the leaked file is fake. Meanwhile, the director of the university claims to not have noticed anything before and promises to take strong action if he gets "credile info" about the student organisation's alignment with Jobbik. Ha ha ha.

What's really interesting in this story is how the apparent source of the leak (an anonymous blogger) got the file: entryism.

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