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Daily Kos: Oh, F*ck No - He Did Not Just Make A Joke About Rape

To a certain extent, the culture of obedience being focused on compliance -- i.e. the desired result -- distracts us from the fact that exacting obedience is coercive and, indeed, the very essence of abuse. Moreover, people who assume that other people exist to be useful to them don't even know what abuse means. It doesn't occur to them that people exist to be respected, not exploited.

Mostly, I suspect, the people who fall into the category of exploiters do so because, other than the gift of gab, they are bereft of practical talents whose fruits they might offer in exchange for what they need from others. It's even possible that the whole "science" of economics was developed by such people in an effort to provide a rational excuse for their own behavior. Why else start from the assumption that the economy is driven by demand? Why not, instead, suggest that trade and exchange are driven by surplus and a desire not to have it go to waste? Because the latter scenario does not comport with the experience of people whose hands are hinged backwards and whose understanding of process is nil.

Dominators coerce. Maybe they're just acting on instinct and don't know what they do. Germans have a saying that encapsulates the attitude: "If you're not compliant, I'll have to use force."  Thus, the cause of the use of force is ascribed to the victim. Compliance (obedience) is presumed to be a virtue. It's not. If humans have rights, then coerced obedience is abuse.

interesting comment that somewhat pertains, perhaps.

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

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