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Went on a google-search to find the relationship between Gazprom and Gazprombank. It appears to be complicated.

How Gazprom lost control of Gazprombank - FT.com

By 2008, Gazprom had relinquished its majority on the Gazprombank board. Today, Gazfond's Yuri Shamalov, as well as Anatoly Gavrilenko, head of Lider, are both on the board. So too is the head of Sogaz - Sergei Ivanov junior, son of deputy prime minister Sergei Ivanov, a close Putin ally and former KGB colleague.

I would say that in one way Gazprombank is still Gazprom's bank, in another they are both part of the ruling network in Russia. Anyway, if an offer was made it has to have the support of the Russian government, and thus it does not matter which corporation it was.

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