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This casts a very interesting light on Sara Palin's name. (From the Griffin link):

Palingenetic ultranationalism is a theory concerning generic fascism formulated by British political theorist Roger Griffin.[1][2] The key elements are that fascism can be defined by its core myth, namely that of "national rebirth" -- palingenesis.[1][2] Griffin argues that the unique synthesis of palingenesis and ultranationalism differentiates fascism from para-fascism and other authoritarian nationalist ideologies.

For me the more generic aspect of fascism is the state's appropriation of the right to define everything to its satisfaction and use force to insure compliance. It is sort of an abstraction from Hannah Arendt's The Origins of Totalitarianism as remembered from my grad school days. One of Mig's sig lines highlights this in terms of the operational attitude of most police organizations.

I will have to more carefully read Griffin before I can say whether his definition is more intended to demonstrate who is vs. who is not a fascist. (I.E. 'Not us, certainly!')

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