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Let's see:

"Cyprus could have offered full protection to those with insured deposits up to 100,000 euros and still reached the 5.8 billion euro target by taxing uninsured deposits at a rate above 15 percent.


 But when the plans were presented to Anastasiades, several participants said, he balked at any suggestion that uninsured depositors should pay more than 10 percent."

I assume they base their reporting on sources other then Schäuble.

"And more importantly for my remark, do we have any source pointing out the Cypriotic government rather then the EC or ECB as the main agent behind the bail-in for deposits under 100k euros?"

We do. Now you could say the other governments want to shift the blame to Cyprus, but it is not just Schäuble.

by IM on Tue Mar 19th, 2013 at 08:06:43 AM EST
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