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One thing that strikes me, especially, is how Hungary's crisis from 2006 onwards was almost harbinger of things to come. It was already at a social/economic/political impasse from - I would say - about 2003, with the first Draskovics package, and which subsequent international factors have only served to exacerbate. It's almost as if the welfare state economy offered by Medgyessy before the 2002 election posed some kind of massive existential threat. In the lobotomised world of Hungarian politics, any future in which the populace aren't forced into all sorts of mild corruption, cadging or wheeler-dealing simply to stay afloat, represents the most awful dystopia.

I'm a little bit hopeful about PM (Dialogue for Hungary) as I believe these are some of the more capable figures in the opposition... the funny thing is, I often feel there is a Scandinavian-style social democracy struggling to emerge from all of this, with all the convulsions and pains of giving birth to something to which most people would welcome. Such an unpromising global situation, such a depleted Hungarian talent base... and the economy simply doesn't provide any life support for this.

"Fascism is not in itself a new order of society. It is the future refusing to be born." Nye Bevan

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