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QUESTION : Do you see secessions in Eu countries as a bad thing and why?
Your governments (practically all of them , at least western governments for sure) supported secession in ex YU and later in Serbia "in the name of peace"... and I suppose they saw that it will be easier to integrate those small republics in to the EU gradually (?).And satisfy those small elites (puppet governments) in the process...
So how would secessions elsewhere in EU be so bad thing? You may argue that those governments supported secessions in ex YU only after the war started but it wouldn't be serious argument.
Processes of secessions in EU countries started to take place in a more serious manner some time ago (Spain, UK, Belgium) ...When it starts and if it shows successful  it will spread like epidemic (especially having in mind Europe's very questionable ethnic borders ).
Nationalism as a pretext to these secessions are used and will going to be used because it's easier to mobiles people but we all know that it is about economics , about money. Everyone wants to be a boss of his own wallet ( especially in crises).During good times of progress everyone wanted to take benefit of free market but it all turned bad when our own 1% of the greedy left us without jobs and are now cutting us of all the benefits and rights we managed to achieve in last 100 years...
What puzzles me is the question: if for example Catalonia succeed to get independence declaring that it is not going to pay debts and will not go austerity way, where and how for the sake of me are they going to borrow money again ( and a lot of money will be needed). They are going to need to have some very powerful "friends" and with a lot of money...who the heck they can be?
So many questions in my mind...

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by vbo on Wed Mar 6th, 2013 at 08:53:41 PM EST

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