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German exports in 2012:

That is history. What is important for future policies will be future trade flows. The top ten destinations for German exports in 2020 are estimated to be as follows:

  1. China (15.6%)
  2. France (8.8%)
  3. Russia (7.0%)
  4. Netherlands (6.5%)
  5. US (6.4%)
  6. UK (5.6%)
  7. Poland (5.2%)
  8. Austria (5.2%)
  9. Switzerland (4.6%)
  10. Italy (4.3%)

China will become the most important trade partner. Russia will overtake the US. France will loose it's top position and the South will be insignificant.

But the determining factor for the formation of a German-centered trade block following an EZone/EU collapse would be the question where Northern and Eastern countries export to. I'm pretty sure that to most Germany will be the most important export market.

by The European on Mon Mar 11th, 2013 at 06:50:51 AM EST
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