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Here is a tangentially related news on the subject of how unreliable police accounts can be when it comes to police violence.

In the German city of Dresden, in past years neo-Nazis exploited the anniversary of the 1945 RAF fire-bombing of the city for marches, which were ultimately contained by massive counter-protests and blockades from 2010. However, especially in 2011, police and the interior ministry of Saxony's conservative state government saw its priority in going after the counter-protesters, also resulting in violent confrontations. (See Commemoration of neo-Nazi victims with hypocrites.) Although the mass evaluation of cell phone data resulted in a suitably large scandal for things to improve from 2012, courts in Saxony are still dealing with the partly ludicrous charges brought against the counter-protesters.

One of the lawsuits is against left-wing pastor Lothar König, who works with youths and was one of the organisers and drove a minibus with a loudspeaker. And the charges against him are falling apart day by day:

  • A police witness claimed that König let someone use his loudspeaker to issue a call for stone-throwing against the cops. The videos made by his own unit showed that throughout that time, König's loudspeaker played an Italian anti-fascist partisan song.
  • The above witness was also confused about whether König had a loudspeaker or a megaphone, contradicting his own testimony from two years ago. He then admitted that policemen sat down to ensure that their testimonies agree. Another police witness lied that he drafted his testimony himself, but was shown to have plagiarised a colleague's.
  • Another police witness claimed that König wanted to ram a police car with his minibus. The police videos showed that he was actually avoiding a pedestrian and even braked in the process.
  • Police witnesses claimed that König led a large mass of violent masked people. The police videos show no such masses, and only sporadic throwing at the police – when König wasn't around any more.
  • Yet another police witness, a unit leader, claimed that König tried to help a stone-thrower escape arrest by letting him climb on his minibus. The defence showed a video made from the top of the minibus (below), showing that the car drove slower than the policemen ran, and the "arrest" was an immediate attack with batons, without a preceding spoken order (the unit leader first claimed he "perceived" no batons and heard the spoken order).

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