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Having six months as maximum penalty means that in most cases jail will not be the penalty. For sex buyers, in no cases apparently. So we have a conservative judicial apparatus. But who doesn't?

15 years on, the law while much reviled in liberal (european, not american) circles, is well established. The left and the conservatives support it, which means that the opposition is loud but ineffective.

The effect of the law is mainly on public morals. Since it is a crime, it is now a moral sin to a larger extent then before. When men of high social position - in particular within the judicial apparatus - are arrested for buying sex they in general get off with light sentences (and keep their jobs) but at least they are shamed which lessens their influence. And that is something.

Sometimes the investigations also hooks into more then just sex purchases. I am under the impression that the investigation against Göran Lindberg - head of police at county level - started as an investigation in a circle of sex buyers.

Göran Lindberg (polis) - Wikipedia
Lindberg greps 25 januari 2010 misstänkt för sexualbrott. Han dömdes i november samma år av hovrätten till sex års fängelse för grov våldtäkt, våldtäkt, köp av sexuella tjänster, försök och medhjälp till sexköp samt koppleri och misshandel.[18]Däremot friades han vad gäller våldtäkt av barn, som inte ansågs styrkt.Lindberg was arrested January 25, 2010 on suspicion of sexual offenses. He was convicted in November of the same year the Court of Appeal to six years in prison for aggravated rape, rape, purchase of sexual services, abetting and attempting purchase of sexual service and pimping and assault. [18] However, he was acquitted in terms of rape of children, who were not considered proven.

Before the investigation he was a much sought after lecturer on gender equality in the workplace and very influential in the public debate on gender equality. One wonders how some people work.

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