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Reading more in SOU 2010:49 (pdf in swedish).

The reports says that since 1977 prostitution has officially been seen as exploitation, primarily dealt with by social services to help prostitutes leave and prevent young people that exhibit at risk behaviour from entering prostitution.

The legal change in 1998 was intended to reduce demand and increase the relative position of prostitutes, both which appears to have worked. It was not intended as a silver bullet, but came in a legal package intended to reduce sexual and gender based violence (Kvinnofridslagen). The main thrust remains to use social services both to reduce the number of prostitutes and the number of sex buyers. In light of this the report does not find the lack of jail sentences problematic in the average case. However the report argues for increased maximum sentence to two years in order to give space for different degrees of jail time in case of aggrevating circumstances (like trafficking). The cabinet did not follow that recommendation afaik.

On the topic of trafficking the report concludes that Sweden has as a result of this law had less of an increase then Norway and Denmark. Less demand and higher risk reduces the proftis.

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