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The study is neither named nor linked to in this article.

If you gloog the two researchers mentioned, you find a Nature article (Abstract). The "new research" was published last December.

Though, judging from the abstract, no mention is made of GM crops, the Guardian article states helpfully:

Growth in crop yields inadequate to feed the world by 2050 - research | Environment | guardian.co.uk

The study's findings are also likely to fuel debate over the efficacy of genetically modified crops, which some scientists have argued may be needed in future to feed the rapidly growing global population, which is expected to reach at least 9 billion by 2050.

I wonder who pitched this to Fiona Harvey, "environment correspondent", and why she's pitching it to the Grauniad's readership.

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this reminds me of the projections of nuclear power believers when they say we can never generate enough energy greenly to supply our future needs, while ignoring how wasteful our current practices are.

when this kind of doomy blackmailing is used it is always a linear extrapolation of an already flawed model, ie that all 7 billion of us will all be eating eggs and bacon for breakfast, a big steak and some cheese for lunch, and fish for dinner.

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