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So computer insecurity is just another aspect of the present financialized economy where all decisions are made on the basis of the short term profits of the biggest economic incumbents - unless someone can find a way to make new, spectacular profits from some disruptive development. OR - unless governments or philanthropists make grants to exceptionally able individuals, such as pi suggests down thread, or some combination.

As ASKOD has noted, there is a large potential market for secure, reliable software to run important infrastructure programs, such as taxes, welfare, the entire medical records complex, vehicle registration and tracking, real estate records, etc. The problem, again, is the structure of the society and the role of finance, which, as Migeru notes, is to be the brain cancer of our society. Trying to get software that takes as its most important roles functionality and security, under the present paradigm, will reliably turn into a death match between politically powerful business entities - with a continuation of the current bungling incompetence with regard to functionality and security remaining the likely default solution.

That is a very different conclusion than TINA, which is what the first response seemed to be tending towards. The structure of our societies, optimized as they are for the maximum wealth extraction capability of the very wealthy, quite naturally make all aspects of our existence miserable. Perhaps the situation will self resolve with the current plague of viruses ending in the destruction of the ability to have any confidence in the existing ownership records within out private ownership societies.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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