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I'm sorry, I guess I hadn't properly explained myself.  What I wanted to propose was . . .

1 - Establish a government body, and hire people to write good OS (for whatever device categories that need it - including buy not limited to home PC, network servers, database hubs, and the computer-bits that run industry and infrastructure hardware) and basic applications software, with the eye on the medium to long term, and with things like security and reliability built in from the beginning.

2 - As a side project, do basic research into things like software verification and whatever other basic things that we don't understand all that well, but which might be useful for the staff working on 1.

3 - When a bunch of the stuff starts to coalesce, think about standards based on the new stuff, and how to use them to bring everybody else up to par over time.

by Zwackus on Tue Jun 11th, 2013 at 09:41:08 AM EST
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