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Heartily agree.  The following is intended as expansion on two points, not a criticism of TBG's post.

Re: CompSci

A good example of numbnuts things Computer Scientists come-up with is their horror of unrestricted GOTOs.  Well, I've got news.  If all unrestricted GOTOs were eliminated nobody could boot their computer.  If unrestricted GOTOs were eliminated wouldn't have Assembler level Branching Instructions.  If unrestricted GOTOs were eliminated have to drop the "L" in ALU.

The CompSci folks have very, very, carefully isolated CompSci from Reality.


... you have systems that ...  be replaced with something better for practical reasons.

Nothing is going to change until somebodies derive a "More Better" way of doing things in degree and kind.

The three biggest reasons are:

  1.  The total global market for Computers is roughly US $900 billion/year when everything from clam shell mobiles to 900 tera/flop machines is added together.

  2.  The installed base: hardware, software, "mental-ware," and hardware/software/"mental-ware" union, is both vast in terms of money and non-monetary asset calculation.  I have no idea what these work out to in dollars but US $200 trillion is probably conservative.  

  3.  A challenge to the above that is not substantial "More Better" in degree and kind is fiercely resisted, a current example is the outcry over MicroSoft Windows 8.0.

As a Computer Engineer I look at the awe striking advances in hardware technology and am disgusted by the lack of advances in software.  

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by ATinNM on Sun Jun 9th, 2013 at 11:59:25 AM EST
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