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My first link was to the first leak on this new report. Of course, what the Federal Environmental Agency boss said is much less extreme than the message of the 'consumer protection association' ("off-shore is a failure, let's call it quits"):
  1. While he says that off-shore is losing importance due to increased on-shore potential, he thinks off-shore should be developed further for reasons of industrial policy and job security.
  2. He proposes financing though tax-based tenders as an alternative to inclusion under the feed-in law.
  3. For costs reasons, he advises a reduction of development goals [post-Fukushima the Merkel government set a target of 10nbsp;GW by 2030 and 25 GW by 2030].

IMHO the second point is stupid: while it bypasses the feed-in law industry 'exemptions', this proposal is in effect a certificate system, which is not effective whether the goal is boosting domestic supply or just developing an export technology. But at least he used conditional wording.

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