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Details on the on-shore potential study from the second leak to Spiegel:
  • They deem 13.8% of Germany's land area suitable for wind power from the viewpoint of wind potential and distance from inhabited areas
  • A major element of the expansion was a reduction of safe distance from homes, under the assumption of the use of more silent wind turbines
  • The relative economics of constructing at these locations wasn't considered
  • Special protection for natural habitats, state zoning laws and NIMBY wasn't considered
  • Combined power capacity of turbines at 100% use of these areas: 1,190 GW
  • Power generation potential of these turbines at prevailing winds: 2,900 TWh (against the current consumption level of 600 TWh)

Spiegel mentions an earlier study by the same agency for a 100% renewable supply which foresaw only 60 GW wind (twice today's). That's why Spiegel doesn't think that the limitations of the study affect the point that on-shore potential is enough.

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