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To also correct myself, the off-shore wind targets go back ten years to the SPD-Greens government, Merkel & co only accepted it seriously post-Fukushima. The belief that on-shore doesn't have the potential is more ten years ago. As for Merkel's post-Fukushima support for off-shore, by thinking of NIMBY, you are assuming a political animal truly thinking in decades. I think the thought that Big Energy will like off-shore wind more than solar or on-shore is closer to it.

Where NIMBY blackmail is being used is against strengthening of the grid.

This thing is part over-blown. There are a lot of projects well pre-dating the renewables boom which are now tacked on the need for balancing intermittency. At the demand side, DIW also criticised the method of estimating needed grid capacity, saying that it is too focused on large thermal plants and doesn't consider their throttling. And the truth is that beyond NIMBYism, the post-liberalisation reduction of investment and regulatory difficulties held up grid expansion, too. The good news is that grid investment now reached pre-deregulation levels and a law to enable accelerated approval just passed.

a territorially even fashion "close to the consumer" is the way to defuse that

Only if this means much more wind power in south Germany. Until now, this has been held up (intentionally) by zoning laws. Baden-Württenberg's Greens-led government is changing that for that state, though.

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