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Another hit piece by the Economist.

Maybe I'm unfair, but reading it I get the strong impression that these folks build their facts around their chosen message. One inconsistency I spotted immediately was this:

But because so much renewable power has come on stream, and because it has priority access to the grid, the spot price of electricity has fallen to a level at which modern, clean natural-gas power plants are not viable. Only ageing, dirty brown-coal power stations with low variable costs can compete.

But... surely the price differential between gas and lignite fuel is not affected by how much renewable electricity is released on the grid? Or by what fraction of the time these fossil power plants will run?

What they probably mean with this muddle, is that the investment in new gas backup plants is not attractive under these conditions. So, pre-existing lignite plants are used.

Somebody should write a comment piece on this. Jerome?

by mustakissa on Fri Jun 14th, 2013 at 02:06:47 PM EST

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