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The Federal Grid Agency is about to release its 2012 annual report. News reports say that the Agency now thinks that the critical situation it saw a year ago has eased. One positive change credited with this was the opening of a new grid connection at the end of last year (as linked above for the "indeed" part). Another is that at the shut-down Brokdorf A nuclear reactor unit, the steam generator was turned into a phase shifter.

As for a negative, the Agency criticised the scaling-down of the Staudinger power plant at Großkrotzenburg near Frankfurt:

  • the old intermediate-load hard-coal blocks 1-3 were shut down,
  • the less old peak-load gas-fired block 4 was retained,
  • the relatively new base-load hard-coal block 5 was retained,
  • the project for a base-load hard-coal block 6 was abandoned.

Well in the greater scheme of things I don't see that as a negative... and don't see why the Federal Grid Agency would want a new baseload plant for grid stability.

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by DoDo on Mon Jun 24th, 2013 at 03:08:15 PM EST
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