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Al Qaradawi role in Tamim's Qatar...(is functionally similar to Al Wahabi role in Saudi Arabia.)

Al Qaradawi is not a regular religious scholar or a simple Friday mosque preacher. Over the years, the Egyptian-born cleric has acquired a special status on religious, social, economic and political ideas and talks. Doha-based Al Jazeera channel, the most viewed station in the Arab world, helped take him into the homes of millions of viewers, particularly through a weekly one-hour-long talk show in which he shared views and offered advice.

As a prominent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, he helped propagate their ideology and views on everything and, mainly in the last two years, on political matters. He spoke freely about political developments in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria and pushed his stances through the spoken word following decades of writing books.

He was clearly against former leaders Zine Al Abidine Bin Ali, Hosni Mubarak, and Muammar Gaddafi and never hesitated to show his dislike for Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, urging the use of force to oust him from power. He supported the Arab Spring and wanted a much greater role for Islamists in power.

Part of the tension between Qatar is rivalry between the Saudi Wahabi and the Qatari Al Qaradawi, despite both having very similar political/religious orientations.  

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