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Of course the whole Nile valley could use freshwater greenhouses. The good move would be for Gulf Coast Council states to provide capital that is used to set up manufacturing in Egypt for the materials. The problem is keeping Western capital rent seeking out of the process which Gulf state money could do by following Islamic Finance, which would make Muslim Brotherhood types happy. Actually, that might be a good way to use their organizing ability in a productive way.

If greenhouse agriculture provides a net savings of freshwater that savings could be used for irrigation of cotton crops. Then relatively modest investments in used cloth looms and sewing machines yields a domestic clothing chain. Keep that up, undo two centuries of imperial economic domination, and Egypt's economy might get well. But the current US dependent military is unlikely to be enthusiastic about this unless it got the green light from Washington - which is doubtful. However a lot of progress could be made by staying under the radar and using Islamic finance. Just don't call it that when talking to Westerners.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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