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These all suffer from the same flaw.
They are trying to be clever. And in a contest of clever, professional info-war specialists IE; The NSA are going to win. Key managment is not the problem. The problem is that the NSA has a much bigger budget for paying mathematicians than anyone else - The only safe assumption is that any encryption scheme which can be broken might as well be plain text.

So do not rely on codes. Rely on physics and proofs. One time pads, air gaps, faraday cages.

If you want secure communications, brute force is the only solution.

Step the first: Keep no secrets that are not strictly necessary. Open information structures are not vulnerable to covert monitoring because they are public.

Step the second:
For those things which secrecy is judged necessary, do not get cute. Use the techniques which are provably secure, and no hard or software with any proprietary bits at all. - assume all secrets of design are zero-level exploits designed to send all your secrets to your worst enemy.

Keep your terminals in faraday cages in rooms with no windows. Encode your transmissions with one time pads.

by Thomas on Thu Aug 15th, 2013 at 05:27:16 AM EST

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