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The legitimacy of the Mursi Muslim Brothers regime became intolerable after December 2012 power grab. The MB agitated Egyptian society with its intolerance towards minority and women's rights in a remake of the constitution, judicial pressure and appointments of convicted militants to governorships. Morsi gave support to Hamas, did not stop violence against the Copts and limited the army's response to militants in the Sinai. The US administration (Ms Obama) has clearly favored the MB axis Egypt-Hamas-Turkey-Qatar. Most likely to give support to any and all rebel fighters willing to take up arms against Assad in Syria. With 100,000 deaths, this adventure has been a gross failure of the Obama administration. See rhetoric used by Susan Rice in "diplomatic" channels of the UN Security Council.

Tamarud -- Arabic for Rebellion -- is a grassroots campaign which says it collected more than 22 million signatures declaring a lack of confidence in Mursi. Anti-Morsi Egyptian protesters marching on June 30 with Qatar-Israel-US flag stitched together. Link - Mondoweiss. The search for a link Tamarud to the Hitler Jügend gave no results.

The suffering and deaths of the Egyptian people is indeed intolerable. In a political stalemate as exists in Egypt, there is no force that could manage the MB to accept the fall of Morsi as a fact. The residents of Cairo took part in the violent opposition to the Morsi crowd and so called sit-ins. The response of the Morsi protestors was not peaceful as it's unusual for security forces to suffer 43 deaths. Of course there is massive propaganda from all sides and it's difficult to get a clue what really happened in the sequence of events. The only chance for the MB to recover in the PR campaign is to have victims seen on the newsreels. In the hate-filled speeches by the clerics of the mosque, it's exactly what they called for. The MB leadership has most likely been arrested yesterday.

I'm only a witness to events through the eyes of media and therefore coloured, biased and poorly informed. Just looking for a rationale as I have lived through decades of mass killings and genocides. Today's events just confirms there is a power-play behind the scenes which involves the individual GCC states, US, EU and Turkey. The US has no leverage in Egyptian politics as everyone witnessed in the "missions" by Obama envoys William Burns, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Burns managed to hold talks, the two senators were permitted a photo-op but weren't taken seriously. Egyptians already have protest action when the name of the new US Ambassador to Egypt was leaked to the press. Egypt doesn't want the likes of Robert S. Ford in Cairo.

As soon as the Obama administration cuts military aid, it tears up the Egypt-Israel Peace treaty. It's not what John Kerry can use right now and the military have made the same calculation. The GCC states have already pledged $12bn in aid to the military regime of Egypt, except Qatar naturally. Even today, read the reactions from the UAE and Bahrain in full support of Egypt's interim government. McCain already called the people's revolution a military coup during his visit, it didn't impress Egypt's leaders a bit.

Cross-posted from my diary - Egypt's Human Toll Rises Above 525 Killed.

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