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Morsi had a golden opportunity to establish the MB as an important player in Egypt's politics.  After decades of suppression under an dictatorship, Morsi wanted a similar authoritarian position. He disenfranchised the Salafist Nour party and lost trust with the majority of the population. Re-writing the Constitution was a crucial element, the MB wanted it all in a short timeline. He misjudged the opposing forces. It appears the MB will be banned and its leaders will face imprisonment. Like you said, everyone is focused on the major cities, the rural areas are forgotten. Even Morsi did not follow through on the Renaissance Project for his supporter base. I too fear the worst and hear estimates up to 20,000 deaths in the coming 2-3 years. I do hope the military and El Sisi will show allegiance to the civilian government and return to the barracks after the next round of elections.

Just think of it, 40 years ago there were dictators in Europe! It's the countries that surround a starting democracy that need to be supportive. Egypt has a leading role in the region and has no such sponsor. Turkey and Erdogan wanted the role for the Morsi government, he could not meet up to the standard. The role Turkey plays in neighboring Syria needs more scrutiny. The Syrian Kurds are now facing genocide and are crossing the border at Peshkhabour into Kurdish Iraq.

Interesting, a misprint? The BBC headline speaks of an Iraqi Kurdistan - Syria refugees pour into Iraqi Kurdistan in thousands. Almost an independent state with a good economy and plenty of oil resources.

Mondoweiss: Morsi, the last caliph-president of Egypt

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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