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The precise use of the line isn't decided yet, the only thing certain is that it won't be closed. There is talk of routing some or most freight trains by day via the old line. This is related to a problem I keep emphasizing in relation to upgraded mixed-traffic lines, the one about different-speed trains limiting capacity: in this case the speeds are 100 km/h and up to 250 km/h, meaning a travel time difference of 20½ minutes over the length of the GBT, and there will be at least three fast trains per direction every two hours. The IR trains may stay as they have four stops on the section bypassed by the tunnel and I saw a fair number of passengers at all of those stations. On the south side, an all-stopper service was re-introduced recently (albeit only once a day to gather commuters), which will probably remain – it would be nice if something similar would be done on the north side, too.

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