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Some relevant numbers from UIC and EU standards:
  • minimum transmission speed (speed of the reaction of the brake cylinders to the drop in the pressure of the main brake pipe): 250 m/s;
  • brake cylinder filling times: 3-5 s in brake mode P (passenger), 18-30 s in brake mode G (freight)
  • maximum length of a train taken into account by the standards: 700 m in brake mode P, 1000 m in brake mode G (freight)
  • maximum number of unbraked cars in a train: 50%
  • maximum length of a group of unbraked cars within a train: 80 m

I should also note that ECP brakes are a new advanced development for freight trains (two-way digital communication along the train, no use of the main brake pipe); but for passenger trains, electropneumatic (ep) brakes (which still use air off a [second] brake pipe) have long been in use.

As for North America, I find wagons have empty/load braking, too. Trains are much longer, however. I couldn't find the prescribed brake cylinder filling time.

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