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When you are young you can easily harbor some hope...but not me...too old for that...lived long enough to learn a lot about people. And what I learned I don't like...
Unfortunately if any change ever comes it will going to be trough spilling a lot of blood...and as we see it now , even then it is only temporarily because time will come again when whatever progress  we as a human race have achieved trough history can and will be reversed.
We are fighting for gay rights and against racism (and that's great) but at the same time they are striping us of our basic rights: to work and receive dissent pay for our work so that we can live on it, to have roof above our heads, to enjoy our pensions with whom they are playing roulette on the so called market (casino), to have dissent and affordable healthcare and childcare and education for our children ... to have dissent age care for every single old person... Governments  are going to cut it to the bone everywhere because our  1% of rich can't stand the thought of not having record profit every single year...let alone endure some real loses (not loses on projected profits that are actually projected on a fairy tale economy of risky loans ).
I admire you who have a will to fight (all tho is there anyone out there to hear you or you are preaching to the choir...) hoping that change can come peacefully and on time. Unfortunately I am not one of you and I am preparing myself for the worse...

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind...Albert Einstein
by vbo on Fri Aug 23rd, 2013 at 01:33:48 AM EST
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