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Europe is going to need to do something more than just keep the Colosseum from falling down to maintain its place in the world. It does take a while to develop globally desirable cultural icons, but as China's economy and overall situation improves--assuming it continues to do so--then they will start to build them up.

Consider Japanese cars. Nothing worth even looking at until around 1960, but then compare the Mazda Cosmo 110S (~1965) to the Lotus Elite (~1960), for example. Both made in roughly the same small number, both technical innovators, and both now worth roughly the same amount on the classic car market. So it is very possible, over a period of only a few decades, to get those cultural icons going.

And China has lots and lots of interesting stuff, and a long history...they just need to clean up some of the historical sites...

by asdf on Tue Aug 27th, 2013 at 01:06:47 PM EST
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