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If you want to base things on what one person posts (which you shouldn't) but if you do, one Sandboxer wrote he contacted her and on Aug 30 got a reply,

    "Basically I helped Yahya Ababneh, who traveled to Gouta, to write what he saw and heard. He mainly met with rebels, of course, the father of one of the rebels killed and doctors treating victims in the area. He has traveled to Syria numerous times."
in which she did NOT in any way try to distance herself from the story, let alone talk about wanting to have her name removed. This fellow also claims a Jordanian journalist tells him that Gavlak has been under a LOT of pressure after the article went viral - it's not hard to guess who is unhappy with this article - many parties including the most powerful empire in the history of the human race - the country I live in with 300million others.

And also: it simply does not add up: why would Dale remain for over 3 weeks? All the evidence points to her being O.K., with her name on the article - at least for the first three weeks..she helped Ababneh write it and apparently she has known him for several full years and learned to give significant level of credibility - one source says she knew Ababneh for 3 years, though I haven't verified.

... We haven't even begun to mention other lines of evidence linking rebels to chem attacks - most explosive is two pro-rebel journalists Pierre Piccinin and Domenico Quirico, overhearing while held hostage, rebel commander saying in clear English in adjacent room that they, rebels, had just done a chemical attack in Ghouta area(!) as "provocation" to get US to attack.

Don't forget in the UN Report these "limitations" were repeated:

    As with other sites, the locations have been well travelled by other individuals prior to the arrival of the Mission. Time spent on the sites was well used but limited. During the time spent at these locations, individuals arrived carrying other suspected munitions indicating that such potential evidence is being moved and possibly manipulated.

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.
by Oui on Sat Sep 21st, 2013 at 01:50:14 AM EST
Daily Mail (yeah, I know...): Journalist and writer held hostage for five months in Syria 'overheard captor's conversation blaming rebels for chemical attacks' (12 September 2013)
An Italian journalist and a Belgian writer who were held hostage in Syria for five months have claimed that they overheard a conversation suggesting that rebel forces were behind a chemical weapon attack on Damascus and not President Assad's army.


The pair were released on Sunday night and have now said that they heard a conversation between their captors in English on Skype in which they allegedly revealed that rebels launched the attack to prompt Western forces to intervene.

Quirico, a veteran reporter for La Stampa daily with vast experience of reporting on conflicts in Africa and the Middle East, told the newspaper: 'In this conversation, they said that the gas attack on two neighborhoods of Damascus was launched by the rebels as a provocation to lead the West to intervene militarily.

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by Migeru (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Sat Sep 21st, 2013 at 04:11:09 AM EST
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The link above (Pierre Piccinin) is to my post on Sept. 10, the day after the two hostages were released ... Piccinin gave a statement in French.

Belgian who had been abducted in Syria is back

(FlandersNews.be) - Pierre Piccinin da Prata, a Belgian teacher who had been abducted in Syria, is back on home soil. He landed at Melsbroek military airport at 5:40 this morning. He was welcomed by his parents, but also by Interior Minister Joëlle Milquet. The man had been liberated together with Italy's Domenico Quirico, a journalist working for the daily La Stampa, in Syria.

"Ce n'est pas le gouvernement Assad qui a utilisé le gaz sarin"

(RTL.be) - L'enseignant belge Pierre Piccinin da Prata, kidnappé en Syrie au mois d'avril et libéré ce dimanche, a accordé une interview à RTL-TVI ce lundi matin. Il a indiqué que le gaz sarin avait été utilisé par les rebelles, et non par le régime syrien.

Overheard the militants acknowledging that President Bashar Al-Assad was not responsible for last month's chemical weapons attack

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.
by Oui on Sat Sep 21st, 2013 at 04:32:20 AM EST
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