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Paul Woodward: Mint Press and Dale Gavlak under threat from mysterious `third parties'? (by PAUL WOODWARD on SEPTEMBER 22, 2013)
However, whether Mint Press and one of its reporters, Dale Gavlak, have indeed provoked Prince Bandar's wrath by alleging his involvement in the August chemical attacks outside Damascus, he probably doesn't need to take any action since the publication and journalist are doing a very effective job at destroying each other.


The thing to not lose sight of here, is that the MintPress story at the center of this fight contained nothing more than rumors.

Rumors can turn out to be true if they lead to an investigation that reveals substantive facts. But this has been the feature of the rebel-instigated-chemical-attack narrative from beginning to end -- it has been propelled and propagated without any credible supporting evidence. Moreover, those pushing the narrative have shown an unconscionable lack of interest in evidence, allowing themselves to become enslaved to their own ideological convictions.

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