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I have never been in USA but my late aunty has been there and also here to visit us and she said that something here in Brisbane (maybe hot/tropical atmosphere and architecture , especially so called queenslander houses) reminded her of USA south...
Brisbane is a mix of modern skyscrapers at the CBD and typical tropical/southern style houses with huge verandas but also with a little bit of "good old England" brick buildings and a dash of continental Europe (some old buildings).
It is nice "little city"...
At June 2012, the population of Greater Brisbane (which excludes the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast) was 2.19 million people, accounting for nearly half of Queensland's population. Between 2011 and 2012, the population of Greater Brisbane increased by 2.0% (43,300 people), which was the second fastest growth rate of the capital cities, behind Greater Perth (3.6%).

But that will change cause trouble is that...
Vacant office space is running sky high across the country
Australia's city skylines are full of empty office space. Commercial property vacancy rates have spiked above the peak of the GFC high's. All capitals are feeling the squeeze with some areas like the Gold Coast approaching twenty percent.


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That food picture shows somebody copying the "Hobbit Breakfast" offered here as a promotional item not long ago...

by asdf on Thu Sep 26th, 2013 at 12:38:57 PM EST
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