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Speaking of morals and conscience in the 21th century. Just watched part of a documentary on Al Jazeera about the Salvadorization in Iraq. Policy set by Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld, executed by Gen. Petreaus with the mention of two mystical figures: Jim Steele and Special Forces Colonel James Coffman. Because the training of a new Iraqi police force was nor effective in a surge of Sunni led terror attacks, the Pentagon decided to train "police" commandos drawn from the Shia community and belonging to the Sadr militia. These death squads of terror, torture and murder were very effective to start a full-fledged sectarian war inside Iraq which is still raging. One Sunni sity that suffered greatly was Samarra, where the mosque with the golden dome was bombed.

Baghdad: Searching for Steele

(Al Jazeera) - When the Wikileaks documents came out in November 2010, there was one leak in particular that caught my attention. It referenced something called "Frago 242," which was short for "Fragmentary Order 242" - a US military order instructing US soldiers to ignore Iraqi-on-Iraqi torture.

Sparked by Wikileaks' release of classified US military documents, this investigation uncovers how the Pentagon sent James Steele, a US veteran of the 'dirty wars' in Central America, to oversee sectarian police commando units in Iraq that set up secret detention and torture centres to get information from insurgents.

Composed of violent Shia militias, these commandos evolved into death squads and eventually numbered over 17,000 men. There were also references in the files to a General Adnan Thabit, who was visiting the American embassy at the time.

Link to YouTube - video.

The Iraq war is indicative of a very dysfunctional, brutal time. I hope this film will be a legacy that says: If you want to go to war, this is what war means. It means 14-year-old boys being hung up and tortured, it means men being turned on spits - that is your 'counterinsurgency'. I feel it is important that this information comes out and I am shocked that we want to forget it so quickly.

From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington's man behind brutal police squads

Found only a single mention of "Fraga 242" here @BooMan, a diary by danps in 2010 - State-run Iranian media beats the NY Times on WikiLeaks reporting. Of course, the "Salvador option" was witnessed and reported at the time. With "Fraga 242" the order is laid at the desk of President George Bush.

Excellent reporting by Steven D in October 2006 - You Get What You Pay For, and in Iraq We Paid for Death Squads.

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