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For definiteness, I call "functionally illiterate" to be unable to meet the following standard which has nothing to do with "knowledge" or even "information" or "trivia"
ACT WorkKeys includes twelve workplace skill assessments:

  • Applied Mathematics - applying mathematical reasoning to work-related problems
The dreaded "word problems" in mathematics classes.

  • Applied Technology - understanding technical principles as they apply to the workplace
  • Business Writing - composing clear, well-developed messages relating to on-the-job situations
  • What, no powerpoint?

  • Listening - being able to listen to and understand work-related messages
  • Locating Information - using information from sources such as diagrams, floor plans, tables, forms, graphs, and charts
  • Workplace Observation - paying attention to details in instructions and demonstrations
  • Reading for Information - comprehending work-related reading materials such as memos, bulletins, policy manuals, and governmental regulations
  • What, no powerpoint?

  • Teamwork - choosing behavior that furthers workplace relationships and accomplishes work tasks
  • Writing - measures the skills individuals use when they write messages that relay workplace information between people
  • What, no powerpoint?

  • Performance - related to attitudes toward work and the person's tendency to engage in unsafe work behaviors
  • Talent - includes dependability, assertiveness, and emotional stability
  • Fit - how interests and values correspond to a particular career

  • A society committed to the notion that government is always bad will have bad government. And it doesn't have to be that way. — Paul Krugman
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