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And in response to the whole "giving up on sex" thing, that's a ridiculously overblown phenomenon of the Tokyo middle and upper-middle classes and their struggling spawn.  The same fools who cram their life away to get into Tokyo University are the same ones who end up as broken individuals in all kinds of ways, including in their sexual health and personal life. It's commonly said that people who get into Tokyo University are strange, and it's because they are broken by the process.

There's a vibrant working class culture, especially in the areas of greater Tokyo outside the metropolis, of people connected in one way or another to the industrial economy and its associated service professions.  They are not broken and lame as are too many Tokyo strivers, they have active personal lives, get married at a variety of ages, and have a good number of kids.  It is from this class that Japan's small-business owners and entrepreneurs often come as well, as they've not been broken by the system.

by Zwackus on Mon Jan 27th, 2014 at 07:12:59 PM EST
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