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And don't forget Jean-Baptiste "Supply side" Say earlier this year:

Supply-Side Hollande - WSJ

"We need to produce more, and better," Mr. Hollande told his country last month, while announcing plans to cut payroll taxes and rein in public spending. He added: "Action is therefore needed on supply. Yes, supply! This is not contradictory with demand. Supply even creates demand." Who knew Jean-Baptiste Say was French?

The Assimilation of François Hollande is Complete | Benjamin Studebaker

If the French thought their 2012 election of socialist François Hollande over former president Nicolas Sarkozy meant that they would have their Keynes and avoid austerity, they have been proven fatally wrong. Hollande has just announced plans for a €50 billion austerity package, a cut of 4% of France's GDP. He has promised to cut taxes on businesses by €30 billion, but this will come in the form of the elimination of a requirement that French businesses fund a family welfare program.


What is Sarkozy Hollande's argument? He makes appeal to Say's Law:

The time has come to solve the main problem of France: production. Yes, I said production. We have to produce more. We have to produce better. So it is on supply that we must act. On supply! It is not contradictory with demand. Supply creates demand.

Emphasis Added.

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