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I don't think people like Jacques Delors were motivated by neoliberal conspiracies to force competition and "reform" on nation states (which is not to deny the existence of would-be such conspirators, or that economic liberals were not in favour of the single currency). And I'm far from agreeing with you that "its implementation was left to a nomenklatura of Wall St-inspired rapists and headbangers". That description doesn't correspond to what I see of delusory French and pig-headed German elites, in 1992 or now.

As for "the concept of a single currency", the fact is more that the area concerned didn't (doesn't) correspond to requirements, and it's rather difficult to conceive of a large area that does, absent a couple of centuries and a civil war to settle things down.

I certainly agree that, now the failure of the experiment is patent, the big money-financed noise machine (in and out of public view) keeps up the beat in favour of destruction aka "reform". All we are doing here is registering the increasing number of those who speak out in the opposite direction, but the Serious™ people aren't listening.

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