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an eventual further rise of the Eurosceptic AfD party in Germany would be a big concern for them because a re-introduction of the D-mark would kill the export industry

Interesting. At least one German citizen perceives that the euro serves a German-export purpose.

I expect you've put this in the Newsroom, but:

AfD supporters lean towards xenophobia and fascism, research says | EurActiv

Germany's middle-class is shifting rightwards, according to a study by the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, finding Eurosceptic AfD's followers in particular supporting right-wing extremist and chauvinist ways of thinking. EurActiv Germany reports.

Right-wing, extremist attitudes have lost considerable ground in Germany compared to previous years. But a study released on Thursday (20 November) by the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation (FES), reveals a troubling new trend.

Moderates in German society are increasingly likely to choose more subtle forms of misanthropic and racist thinking; right-wing ideas that are hiding in the mainstream and are suitable for casual dinner conversation.

Researchers are concerned about the shift. Isolated right-wing extremist and racist ideas are met with significant support.

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