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Excuses for the Eurozone's deathly policy to date:

European Tribune - This, my friends, is why we can't have nice things

the abundant liquidity can allow Europe to grow

If that were true, why the need for this €300bn programme?

Of course, what's left of the "abundant liquidity" is on deposit at the ECB, because the banks are in no state to lend it out into the real economy, and are hunkering down while waiting for the next round of the financial crisis. The damage (self)-inflicted on the financial sector by the pre-2008 bubble has not been recognized or resolved, and the Great Financial Crisis is not over.

European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Investing in Europe: speech by President Juncker in the European Parliament plenary session on the € 315 billion Investment Plan

We need structural reforms to modernise and preserve our social market economy. We need fiscal responsibility to restore confidence and the sustainability of our public finances. And to complete this virtuous omne trium perfectum (rule of three) we now need to boost investment.

Now? That was needed years ago. And this programme is too little, too late, and too private.

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