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Italy and other ~1.5 rate countries would not be the focus of global population control. They would be role models even with 0.2 recoveries.

But it is the 1.2-2.1 countries where you get lower birth rates from economic crisis. Or at least I thought so, Italy is a counterexample. In high birth countries wars, famines and economic crisis delays the shift to low birth, thus stretching out the period of increase.

With policies that are effectively working towards a larger population by undermining the decrease in the remaining high birth countries, I don't see any evidence of a conspiracy for lower population. And when it comes to the different calls for lower population you seem prone to read, similar calls when it comes to colored or otherwise underclass populations has been going on for at least a hundred years, ever since birth rats started to go down in Europe. So no evidence there either.

Do you have anything that actually points towards the existence of such a conspiracy?

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by A swedish kind of death on Mon Nov 10th, 2014 at 08:34:41 AM EST
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The apparent ignorance of the subject in politics, public media looks manufactured for me. As with other (numerous) elephants in political rooms, the ignorance probably means something else than the smart deciders have no notice whatsoever. The strange general silence is already some evidence. As for the Icke-y signaling, I follow only the commotion around the Georgia guidestones.

The overpopulation problem must have been predating Malthus on various local levels. Some elite lines could have developed natural or sophisticated competences hell knows when - though not particularly the Western, I may guess. On the other hand, wild booms and busts could be a viable less dirty way to reset populations for some time. If this economic mess has that deep meaning, something should follow still under Obama.

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by das monde on Mon Nov 10th, 2014 at 10:54:25 AM EST
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