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Jean-Claude Juncker admits sweetheart tax deals sullied reputation as EU head | World news | The Guardian

Jean-Claude Juncker has admitted his reputation as head of the EU executive has been sullied by the disclosure of sweetheart tax deals in Luxembourg that saved multinational companies tens of billions of euros.

The European commission president denied, however, that he was responsible for the controversial tax arrangements with companies such as Disney, Skype and Ikea. The revelations have put Juncker under pressure and triggered a censure vote in the European parliament. UK MPs questioned this week whether he should remain in his post as the EU's most powerful official.

..."I had contact with several, but not all of the firms mentioned," he said in an Austrian television debate with the Guardian and other European publications. "But I never interfered in the special tax rulings because under the law a Luxembourg finance minister is not allowed to. He is not allowed to influence the form of a specific tax file."

Juncker argued 22 of 28 EU countries behaved similarly in granting tax concessions to the multinationals and that there was nothing special about Luxembourg. Critics and experts agree countries such as the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands have been competing for business by bestowing favourable tax regimes on big firms but say that Luxembourg, the EU's smallest country, operated on a different scale of magnitude.

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Of course it is terrible that Junker has been involved in this, but the issue is not about the individual but the fact that institutionally, nobody ever saw problems with these arrangements

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